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Cassie Lessing, MD, Strato IT Group

Gauteng evolves as South Africa’s hub for enterprise app development

Gauteng is fast emerging as a centre for enterprise app development. This is according to Cassie Lessing, Managing Director of the Strato IT Group, adding that the app economy is expected to create trillions of dollars of opportunities globally over the next few years, including in Africa, where a highly mobile market is poised to […]

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Warm up your Winter Ideas: Cooking in a Microwave Inverter™ Style

What would you do without the humble microwave in your kitchen? An often unappreciated little  appliance that heats and cooks your food – by exposing it to microwave radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum which induces polar molecules in the food to rotate and produce thermal energy in a process known as dielectric heating. To simplify; […]

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Bot for Messenger Launched at the International Aids Conference 2016

Through the advent of Messenger and bots, messaging platforms have rapidly increased their impact in reaching users with life-changing content. Leading this technological evolution in low and middle income countries, the Praekelt Foundation launched a new chatbot for Messenger integrated into the South African Nation Department of Health’s MomConnect, at the 21st International AIDS Conference […]

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Get into the groove with great apps for your Alcatel POP STAR

Express yourself and unleash your favourite music with some great apps for your Alcatel POP STAR fashion smartphone MIX Awaken your inner-DJ by mixing up some hot hits with Alcatel’s MIX application. MIX lets you blend two music tracks with sounds already available in the app, then share your creation with friends. This application is […]

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Standard Bank Leads in Africa with Digital Innovations

Standard Bank is on a committed journey of rapid digitization across the continent, offering its customers more convenient ways to interact with their personal banking services.  The latest innovation in this digital transformation journey is the expansion of the existing Standard Bank banking app to four additional African markets simultaneously, namely Uganda, Namibia, Ghana and […]

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