Radio advertising has always been limited, no matter how awesome the creative piece. The journey of radio started as far back as the 1950s with Mono signal and moving onto the current FM and Stereo. Radio has been revolutionised a step further. Three D Radio, in partnership with Ster-Kinekor and Cinemark, have recently launched a new form of in-cinema advertising through a 3D platform.


The platform ignites the theatre of the mind in its cinema audiences by utilizing only the 5.1 surround with a black picture. So in theory, it heightens the senses in your ears. Philips Lighting was one of the first companies to take advantage of this innovation and aired their 3D radio spot recently at the Cine Prestige – Ster-Kinekor in Sandton City, to the intrigue of their audience.

Founders of Three D Radio, Louis Enslin and Cameron Naidoo, say the company offers brand and creative agencies a platform to express themselves in a fresh and innovative way. “Agencies and clients have the opportunity to really think out of the box, and craft their advertising messages to specific audiences, movies or scenes,” says Enslin.

Enslin goes on to say that it’s also a cost effective, alternativeplatform for advertisers with a limited production budgets for a typical film ad. . “Clients, can now utilize a new advertising medium in cinema with a radio production budget. This form of advertising is especially attractive for first time cinema advertisers as the production and creative costs are minimal compared to producing a visual commercial.”

“Furthermore, as a media owner, it generates increased revenue by optimising use of the total ad reel. and as an agency, you can really provide your clients with a powerful and creative advertising solution,” he says.

Explaining the mechanics of this innovation, Naidoo says it’s quite simple really. “We can either ‘upmix’ your existing radio commercial to 5.1, or create a true ‘3D’ radio spot from scratch. 3D animation, titles and packshots are also on the table for advertisers when using 3D radio, where we create a simple visual that digests your brand or message in the mind of the audience.”

Three D Radio has collaborated with Ster-Kinekor and Cinemark to bring the medium to life.

Scott Lawrence of Cinemark says, “3D Radio spots are a great way to re-ignite the imagination of your audience and with its non-traditional manner, it simply slots into the traditional ad reel for a real 3D feel.”

Naidoo emphasizes that 3D Radio is a new way to connect with your audience via a ‘radio ad’. As we know, conventional cinema commercials are generally just the TV version and very few of these commercials are ‘cinema only’ and actually utilise all the resources available.

“When we create a 3D Radio Spot, we can take full advantage of all the speakers in every cinema, creating amazing soundscapes. It’s a dream come true for most creatives who want to think out of the box, and most importantly it’s a new platform to get ultra creative”, concludes Naidoo.

Three D Radio has created waves in cinemas but will soon be offering other products to its new in-cinema platform. For any further queries on 3D Radio visit