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Transferring Data Made Easier With Samsung Smart Switch Website Update

Planning on getting your hands on one of Samsung’s latest flagship Galaxy smartphones? We’re talking about the near bezel-less design and top-of-the-line hardware! It’s only fitting that the transition from your old device is made smooth and simple. Samsung has responded by updating their Smart Switch website which now makes it ever more simpler to […]

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How drones will support future fire disaster management

In the midst of the worst wildfire to strike the southern Cape coast, South Africa in over 150 years, drones slowly started coming into play as a local firefighting and disaster management tool. Firefighters issued a call for drones equipped with heat mapping capabilities, which would allow them to identify hot spots at the greatest […]

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Hackers Topple Samsung’s Latest Security Feature

It didn’t take much time for hackers to bypass the iris recognition security system of Samsung’s latest flagship phones. This raises questions about how exactly users can protect their phones. After all, some of the most advanced means of biometric security have already been outwitted – including fingerprint scanning. CompareGuru takes a look at how […]

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