There are pros and cons in both straighteners but looking towards the positive side, the GHD has a sleek design, ceramic plates, swivel cord design but it does lack critical functions such as the adjustable heat settings and a super smart protective heat cover, that’s exactly what the Cloud 9 has mastered!


Cloud 9: User controlled, from 100°C to 200°C. Straighteners come with recommended temperatures for styling different looks.
GHD: 180°C

Weight: Approximately the same (250-260 grams), But The Cloud 9 seems to Feel lighter when using.

Finish on hair
Cloud 9: Glossy natural shine (apparently due to their black plates)
GHD: Natural shine, but not as glossy

Safety features
Both have built in safety chip which turns off the straightener after 30 minutes of non-use

Special features
Cloud 9:
– RFID Chip for tracking authenticity and quality control.
– Flashing light to tell you when the iron is at the right heat.
– Worldwide voltage
– User control temperature panel that is ‘state-of-the-art temperature control technology’
– ‘Shiver mode’ which protects the iron from internal condensation when exposed to temperatures below 5 degrees.
– A flashing light and beeping-noise to tell you when the iron is up to heat.
– Worldwide voltage
– ‘Innovative digital temperature control’
– A variety of colours

Extra components
Cloud 9:
– Plastic heat guard for quick post use storage so you don’t have to worry about the irons coming into contact with non-heat resistant surfaces.
– Heat protector bag
– Swivel cord (smooth)
– 2 year warranty
– Heat protector bag
– Swivel cord (a little tight)

The verdict:
The little things really set the Cloud Nine apart are the temperature control and plastic heat protector and the fact that the finish was nicer on the Cloud Nine. Cloud 9 straighteners are created by the creators of GHD so they’re most likely to be a step up from the GHDs.