On the heels of #DataMustFall, Afrihost introduces the #DataForAll promotion. Afrihost’s aim is to help as many people as possible get affordable Mobile Data on their phones and are providing 250MB Data a month, until January 2017, for only R1.00 – that’s Data for next to nothing! It’s the offer of a lifetime, with no surprises once you’ve signed up.


This package is aimed at giving everyone access to Mobile Data and bringing some relief to those who feel they are paying too much for data. Afrihost Mobile Data Packages offer everyone incredible benefits including protection from surprise Out-of-Bundle fees, expansive coverage and the absolute best speeds available with LTE.

If you use all of your 250MB in the month you will automatically be capped and never pay another cent unless you choose to top up. You will also never use up any of your normal airtime if you reach the end of your Afrihost Mobile Data.

If you use all 250MB before the month is up you can easily top up with more data, or you can choose to pay an Out-of-Bundle rate of only R0.10 per MB using Afrihost’s Auto-Limit option. Afrihost’s topup data and Out-of-Bundle rates are the most affordable on the market. Out­-of-­Bundle Data is fully controllable and isn’t automatically enabled – You opt-in for Out­-of-­Bundle Data, which means you won’t get any unexpected charges at the end of the month.

Clients have three options when signing up for the #DataForAll deal. They can use their data on an MTN Prepaid SIM, an MTN Contract SIM, or get a new Afrihost SIM. If they don’t have an MTN SIM yet, they can get a prepaid SIM at their nearest MTN store and then they will be able to signup for the 250MB #DataForAll promotion on the Afrihost website.

Afrihost have set aside a limited number of these R1.00 for 250MB per month Mobile Data deals and they expect the deal to be sold out fast.

The #DataForAll promotion runs until 31 January 2017. In January Afrihost will review #DataForAll and make a decision on whether to extend, change, or stop the promotion.