Digital Street Interviewing BlueJewelz inventor, Rona Bunn


Today we managed to get some time with Rona Bunn, the inventor of “BlueJewelz.” BlueJewelz discreetly vibrates when you receive phone calls or messages from selected contacts or to remind you about a calendar event. It also alerts about a phone left behind or lost a connection.


This is how the interview went down:

  • What influenced you to create this product?

Specifically, the idea for BlueJewelz was sparked by the pain that I experienced with trying to manage my connectivity. I always inadvertently left my phone on silent after a meeting; just plain left it somewhere or didn’t hear or feel the phone ringing in my purse. My family told me I was unreliable in an emergency because I am too busy to look at my phone. What a terrible feeling. I realized that many of my friends and colleagues have the same problem. However none, to include myself, are willing to wear a visible gadget to solve the problem. The somewhat fashionable products on the horizon require that we wear the same piece of jewelry everyday, which is not so appealing either. Thus, came the revelation that the accessory should be beautiful and the tech should be interchangeable to give us choices.

  • Any significance behind the title of the product name?

The title is simply a portmanteau of Bluetooth and jewels, with a “Z” for pizzazz.

  • Are you planning to create other type of Jewelery to incorporate with this idea?

Yes. BlueJewelz is created to be versatile. More designs are coming. We are currently in discussions with other designers and jewelers to increase the BlueJewelz Collection.

  • What is the ultimate aim for this product?

The BlueJewelz Collection is aimed at being an extension of the cell phone; an essential tool in women’s everyday lives AND something that she loves to wear.

  • Any specific target market and why?

Our consumer is typically between the ages 28 and 50 and is regularly on the go. BlueJewelz is targeted for the woman juggling several responsibilities who has to manage her priorities and needs to get her important information in a timely fashion. She comes in many fashions such as professional, home executive, working mom, teacher, nurse, etc.

  • Any new features to be added to this product in the future maybe?

Yes. We do have new features already planned but we are not ready to share yet. Stay connected with us on our website, Facebook or Twitter and you’ll be in the know.

More information on the invention here:

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