Fortnite’s Save the World mode will now give you the ability to look into loot boxes. Previously in this mode, you could buy loot boxes but you never knew what you’re likely to get when you open these. Fortnite’s v7.30 update is introducing changes to the game that make loot boxes much more transparent. Fortnite’s Save the World V-Buck Llamas (loot boxes) are now called X-Ray Llamas, which will show the content of the boxes before you open them. The game also has implemented duplicate prevention, which means that there’s a much higher chance of getting weapons or items you don’t already have.

This new loot box system in Fortnite feels much more fair. According to developer Epic Games, the prices of X-Ray Llamas remain the same. Epic claims that any items can be found via even the cheapest llamas in the game, which cost 50 V-Bucks (Fortnite’s in-game currency). With the new system in place, you can easily wait for your favourite item to be available in a loot box with a low price and buy it for cheap rather than play a guessing game with llamas.

Fortnite’s Save the World mode will allow you to earn llamas through gameplay as well, which means that nothing changes except the fact that you now know what you’re getting with each loot box. The company says that if your llama finds an extremely rare gun, it will ensure that you get one you don’t already have (unless you have all guns of that type).

This change doesn’t affect llamas you earn through gameplay. Finally, Epic Games has also announced that Save the World players will receive five Llama Upgrade Tokens for free to give the new system a shot. The company added that X-Ray Llamas refresh every single day in the Fortnite Item Shop.