In the latest update to Instagram, users now have the privilege to like individual comments on Instagram posts, very similar to Facebook. Users can show their appreciation for a comment with a little red heart, as opposed to the big red heart already used for liking posts.

Along with the hearts, there will be two new safety-related features: the ability to turn off comments on posts, and the option to let users quietly boot followers they no longer want to follow their private accounts.

It’s also possible for users to anonymously report posts that suggest self-harm. Instagram connects users whose friends have reported concerns about their posts with organizations that can help with those issues. The company has used a version of this reporting tool on its network since October.

The safety features could be seen as part of an ongoing effort at Instagram to curb harassment.

Every Instagram user will see the option to like comments whether they’ll use the option in the spirit in which it was intended remains to be seen…