Samsung SmartCam is an easy to use network camera whilst having the benefit of a very simplistic installation. Using Samsung’s Cloud technology, you can access the camera from anywhere at anytime, and you are notified with real-time alerts. You can monitor your home from anywhere at anytime; It allows prompt action on events with real-time notification.


Streamed video is distributed by remote server. If there is a high user demand this may from time to time result in a delay to the video stream.

Once authenticated with one-time verification, video streaming is sent only when saving captured video triggered by an event. Or when logging in to view your camera live.


  • SmartCam for Baby Monitoring

Parents always want to be with their children but sometimes leaving is inevitable. Use the SmartCam and you can always be there with them.

  • SmartCam for Pet Monitoring

See what your cat or playful puppy is doing while you are away. Anytime, from anywhere.

  • SmartCam for Business Security

For bookstore, General store , gallery, office and any type of business, the SmartCam never misses security while you are away. Affordable but powerful SmartCam perfectly matches your interior with its refined design.

  • SmartCam for Home Security

Concerned if your home is safe and secure when you leave or go traveling? Get secured with your SmartCam security system.

The Samsung SmartCam HD & Samsung SmartCam HD Pro are now available for purchase @ Dion Wired. The Smasung SmartCam HD will cost you R1,790.00 while the Samsung SmartCam HD Pro can be purchased for R2,790.00