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How drones will support future fire disaster management

In the midst of the worst wildfire to strike the southern Cape coast, South Africa in over 150 years, drones slowly started coming into play as a local firefighting and disaster management tool. Firefighters issued a call for drones equipped with heat mapping capabilities, which would allow them to identify hot spots at the greatest […]

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What happens when you pass way without a Will?

When a person passes on without a Will, they forfeit the privilege of deciding what should happen to their estate and the estate gets allocated in terms of pre-determined legislated guidelines, known as Intestate Succession. In other words, that person has no say in how the estate should be apportioned. Vijay Morarjee, CEO of FNB […]

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Jon Savage: The Eye Of The Digital Age

In this digital age where everyone claims to be the latest “disrupter,” true innovation is hard to find. However, in South Africa, one name is repeatedly the force behind some of the most effective, awarded, creative, and unique campaigns; Jon Savage. Jon’s latest project, the internet radio station The Eye ( is breaking all of […]

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