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Left to Right: Tom Goldgamer, Danny Aaron, Lance Krom, Devin Karpes – South Africa’s first unbiased cell phone and data contract comparison website. Find your perfect cellular solution in seconds. The days of long queues, complicated sales sheets and spending more than you should on a cell phone contract are finally over.

Left to Right: Tom Goldgamer, Danny Aaron, Lance Krom, Devin Karpes
Left to Right: Tom Goldgamer, Danny Aaron, Lance Krom, Devin Karpes

Their Mission

– To lists every deal offered by all South African cell phone service providers.
– To let you compare over 2000 cell phone contract deals from the comfort of your own home

How Phonefinder helps you

– Compare over 2000 cell phone and data contract deals in seconds
– Find your perfect cellular solution
– Save money

How Phonefinder works

1 – Phonefinder lists every Service provider’s deal on the market so that you don’t need to visit the stores
2 – Start by performing a search based on “PRICE”, “NETWORK”, or “MANUFACTURER”
3 – Then play with your search until you have filtered out your perfect deal
4 – By submitting your information to Phonefinder you will be contacted by the Service Provider who listed your chosen deal

The cellular and data contract marketplace in South Africa is crowded, confusing and hard to compare.
Phonefinder simplifies the search and compare process so that you can quickly compare all 2000 deals in seconds.
No more frustration, confusion or choosing the wrong cell phone contract.

By using Phonefinder you will find a cellular solution which exactly meets your needs.
Save money by being on the perfect cellular solution for your budget and needs.

How 2000 contract deals are created:

  • In South Africa there are 5 Cell phone Networks.
  • Each network has up to 10 Payment Plans.
  • Payment plans are attached to a hand-set in order to create a cell phone contract.
  • There are over 160 cell phones on the market.

Phonefinder lists all South African Network Service Providers cell phone and data contract deals. Deals are submitted to Phonefinder by the various Service Providers on a monthly basis. Every deal is standardised for Phonefinder so that it can be neatly represented on the Phonefinder Listing Bar. All deals are represented in an unbiased manner which makes deals easier to compare.

Phonefinder has made sure that you will have more than enough information in order to make an important purchase decision. Every listed deal has important additional information which makes it unique. To reveal this information simply click “View Deal”. This will expand the deal and reveal all the relevant information which you may need to make an informed decision about your next cell phone contract purchase.

The Compare-Basket is your personal caparison list. You can add as many deals to your list as you like. The moment you click “COMPARE” you will notice the Compare-Basket pop-up on the left hand side (above and below the left-hand side search bar). To view your shortlist simply click “COMPARE NOW”

Haven’t found exactly what you are looking for? Then build your own deal. Building your own deal is a fun and quick way to use Phonefinder. By “Build Your own Deal” you are essentially creating your own wish list. We will send your wish list to all the Service Providers in South Africa who will then contact you with their closest matching deals. Remember, you can add as many phones to your wish-list as you like.

Once you have found the perfect deal all you will need to do is:

1 – Click”VIEW DEAL”
2 – Click “I WANT THIS DEAL”
3 – Complete the contact form and the qualification questions

After submitting your details Phonefinder will instantly send your information to the appropriate Service Provider.
This means that you will only get a call from the Service Provider who loaded your selected deal. Since the Service provider will know exactly which deal suits you the phone call will be short and sweet.

You can filter your search result using the Phonefinder Icons


Voice contracts: These are your regular phone contracts which come with a Phone, Minutes, SMS and Data
Data Contracts: These are your data-only contracts.
Phone only: These deals are for the phone only. In other words there is no talk plan connected to these deals.
Incentives: Some Service Providers are kind enough to throw in incentives such as a laptop, gift vouchers or phone covers.

Blacklist-friendly deals are provided by our participating Service Providers who, in most cases, can provide blacklisted clients with cell phone contracts*

*upon qualification


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