Recently we got our hands on the much talked-about Rain sim card which is a mobile data-only network in South Africa. After a couple of weeks using the sim card, this is what we have to say about it…

First up we’re going to discuss the ordering process online. Very simple and user friendly website. Order was put through Thursday evening and arrived to the door on Monday morning! 

The sim card began working within 12 hours. We tried using the data in area covered by rain (near the Crescent Shopping Centre in Umhlanga, Durban) according to their coverage map and guess what? Nothing at all! 

We moved to another area also covered by rain and it seems to be working perfectly fine with download speeds hitting just over 50 Mbps during the day. Towards the evening as well as random times during the day the speeds drop to as low as 1-2 Mbps. But that alone isn’t the issue here. The problem is that, we looked if the area is covered with rain and then ordered the sim but it just doesn’t seem to work.

We contacted rain via their online chat:

  • We were told that their team will look into it.
  • A day later and still no response.
  • So we messaged rain on Facebook and then eventually got a reply there.

We then replied via the email ticket issued to us and waited a couple of days for a reply with no actual answer – but rather we were told it is investigated by the networks team and it could possibly be no coverage in the area. Seriously? 

It’s been a week now and no actual answer has been received on the matter. The after-sales service is clearly not the department you will be looking forward to deal with if you do get a rain sim card. 

If you are planning to get a rain sim card to use in your area, we recommend that you don’t rely on their coverage map on their website completely. Rather speak to someone at rain first and let them give you clarity and guarantee that your sim card WILL WORK in YOUR AREA!

Do we recommend rain?
Not at this point!