Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ users are reportedly facing a peculiar issue with the lock screen whereby the lock screen wakes up randomly while charging. A few users have also reported this same issue on the Galaxy Note 8.

According to the complaints online, it looks like users have been facing the random waking up problem since June last year. A Samsung Galaxy S8+ user has posted on the community portal of Samsung US claiming that  hard resetting, disabling connectivity options, and using safe mode was unable to fix the issue. The phone constantly wakes up every 10 seconds. Numerous comments on this topic have confirmed that the issue is present on other Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ devices as well.

Another post submitted last month on Reddit suggests that a Galaxy S8 device has had the issue ever since the November software update. The user has also mentioned that the issue arises only when the phone is on the wireless charging stand and doesn’t wake it up randomly via regular wired charging

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has also been reported to have the same issue claiming that the lock screen randomly wakes up dozens of times in a single day. At the moment, there is currently no update for an official solution from Samsung.