Review: Hisense Infinity Prime 1 (U970) Smart Phone


Finally managed to get my hands on the Hisense Infinity Prime 1 and considering this smart phone marks the debut of the “Hisense Infinity” series, boy oh boy! This is simply 144 grams of compacted pure genius!

Unboxing The Hisense Infinity Prime 1 (U970) Smart Phone

From the moment I’ve switched it on, I literally fell in love with this smart phone! If I had to describe the appearance of this device, all I can is that it’s slick, smooth and simply sexy!

With dual SIM capabilities, allowing users to simultaneously run two SIM cards from different accounts and networks off a single mobile device – How can you not resist this if you’re a business person wanting to switch over from the business life to family life and vise versa within seconds on ONE smart phone!


This little beauty boasts a capacitive ‘multi-touch’ 5 inch QHD IPS screen for easy navigation. It also features cutting edge quad-core processors and other advanced features. The phone works off an Android (4.2) Linux-based operating system. It runs absolutely smoothly! The Hisense Infinity Prime 1 allows you to capture those special moments with a 8MP camera and the secondary camera which makes it as good as perfect for all those Skype-ers. It comes with a pretty good storage capacity of 4GB with 1GB Ram – which, in this generation, is really impressive! Have I mentioned that I haven’t charged this phone since I recieved it a few days ago? Yes! It has a 2000 mAh battery!

If you’re looking for a new smart phone this festive season and can’t seem to decide which one choose… Make sure the Hisense Infinity Prime 1 (U970) Smart Phone is very close to the top of the list! It’s affordable and powerful!

  • Would I recommend this phone? Yes!
  • Would I buy the Hisense Infinity Prime 1 (U970)?  Definitely!


The new Hisense Infinity Prime 1 smartphone is available from December 1, 2013 at Kalahari from the launch price of R2999.


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