A special variant of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is set to be in the works which will have 5G connectivity and as many as six camera sensors. Reports suggest that this model of the Galaxy S10 family will have the largest screen size in the range – measuring 6.7-inch display. This is notably larger than the iPhone XS Max that debuted earlier this year with a 6.5-inch display. The new revelation comes days after the Galaxy S10 was found to have two drilled holes on the display.

The largest in the Galaxy S10 range is internally codenamed “Beyond X.” The codename suggests that the new model will be the 10th-anniversary smartphone from the company. This sounds similar to how Apple brought the iPhone X as its 10th-anniversary model. 

This particular variant of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is also reported to feature a 6.7-inch display and a total of six cameras, where two cameras will be available on the front and the four remaining ones will be featured on the back. 

Samsung is reported to have plans to launch the feature-rich, 5G-enabled Galaxy S10 model at an event sometime in the middle of February next year. However, the availability of the new model may be subject to the launch of 5G. 

The availability of 5G support will indeed among the key features of the next Galaxy-series model. It could give Samsung an edge over Apple, who at the moment is rumoured to only bring its 5G-enabled iPhone in 2020. 

Samsung is also reported to have plans towards a “reverse wireless charging” feature that could help users charge their wireless charging-enabled devices by placing them together.

Alongside the Galaxy S10 models, Samsung is highly speculated to bring its first foldable phone next year. The company recently teased its development by showcasing a new form factor which it calls the Infinity Flex Display.