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More than 50% of top shopping apps collect users’ personal information through trackers

The result is from a privacy risk assessment on Opera Max, a leading data management and data savings app for Android. The 60 most popular shopping apps were reviewed using privacy mode on this app. Another research shows that personal information such as user’s name, email address, locations, search terms and phone number are shared […]

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Over 100 million Android phones expected to integrate Opera Max by 2017

14 OEMs, including Samsung and Xiaomi, have embedded Opera’s data-management app, Opera Max, on their smartphones. With the new partnerships with Asian OEMs – Acer, Hisense and TWZ, Opera now expects more than 100 million Android phones to be shipped with integrated Opera Max by 2017 Opera Max reduces data consumption across most apps on […]

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Opera browsers for Android with new features + new Opera logo

Opera has launched new versions of both Opera Mini for Android, and the full Opera browser for Android, with new and important features like video compression, installable web apps, better downloads and improved tab switching. In addition, both Android browsers come with the new and upgraded Opera logo. “To grow our Android user-base from 140 […]

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Opera Mini 11 -

Opera Mini for Android revamped with new compression technology

In the newest version of Opera Mini mobile browser for Android, users can for the first time switch between two different data compression modes: High and Extreme. With these two modes, users can optimize their data compression for different network conditions. The new High-compression mode compresses web-pages without affecting the page display, making it the […]

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How to save data and watch more videos on your Android device

You can watch even more videos on your Android phone thanks to Opera Max. So, grab your favorite blanket and a pint of ice cream or giant bag o’ popcorn and hunker down on the couch, it’s marathon time! Released today, the new version of Opera Max touts unique technology that saves data on videos […]

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Opera acquires Bemobi for Android app discovery and monitization in emerging markets

Opera Software recently announced its acquisition of Bemobi, a leading, subscription-based mobile-app-discovery service in Latin America. Bemobi offers a unique, one of a kind, “Netflix-style” subscription service for premium Android apps. Working with mobile operators, Bemobi’s proprietary app-wrapping technology allows smartphone owners access to unlimited use of premium mobile apps for a small weekly fee. […]

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Data savings and faster Wi-Fi experience with new Opera Max compression technology

Opera Software, the company that brought us Opera Mini, Africa’s most popular mobile browser, has today launched the new Opera Max. Opera Max compresses all data sent through Android smartphones with world leading image and video compression technology, so users can get the most from their data plans. Originally launched in Africa with Samsung, the […]

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