Over the past decade or so, technology has slowly but surely become quite significant in people’s lives. People of all ages and walks of life seem to be intrigued and interested in everything regarding technology. Life has changed, and in many aspects of life, technology has helped to enhance efficiency. From communication to transport, technology has helped to streamline things and to reduce the amount of time people take to do normal things. While the advantages of technology seem many, there are also some disadvantages which emanate from the use and application of it. People have varied opinions regarding technology, but not all can help you write a good essay.

To make an essay interesting, you first need to understand the basic structure of an essay, that is, introduction, body, and conclusion. However, to write a technology essay, you need more than the basic idea or understanding of essays. Below are five tips to help you write better technology essays:

  • Use the right vocabulary – in the world of technology, vocabulary matters a lot. Therefore, you should strive to use the right vocabulary at all times. Ambiguity should never be tolerated and can be misleading. Be specific in your choice of words and help readers to make sense of your essay.
  • Be up-to-date or stay current – almost every season or month, the world gets introduced to new ideas and technologies. This means it is possible to be left behind or to write an outdated article. Writing an outdated piece is a ‘crime’ especially in the technology world. Therefore, keep abreast with all the latest technology news and you can even subscribe to articles which can help you stay current. This will not only help you write on up-to-date technologies but also keep your readers informed.
  • Have an angle or specific approach while writing – every piece of writing must have an angle or approach. Writing without a goal can be dangerous as well as misleading. Readers need to grasp your approach or objective after reading the introduction. The focus of a writer needs to be outlined clearly and lean or lead toward a specific stance.
  • Provide evidence or avoid making statements which you cannot support – it is dangerous to make empty statements or assertions without providing evidence especially in technology. While writing a technology essay, always provide evidence or cite your source to avoid misleading your readers. The sources cited must also be current. Citing a source which is five or ten years old is not advisable because such probably contain obsolete information. As stated earlier, you need to stay current or up-to-date to help you write informative pieces.
  • Include a thesis statement in your essay – this is a requirement for all essays. Every essay must have a thesis statement which leads and dictates the article’s trajectory. A thesis statement is usually included in the introduction and helps to explain the objective of a writer. Always include a thesis statement to help your readers understand your goal or main argument.

List of 10 up-to-date Topics to Write Technology Essay in 2017

  • Should programming be considered a basic literacy?
  • Can and should video games be used or incorporated as learning tools in schools?
  • How is the use of social media impacting the business and marketing fields?
  • Is online studying reducing the value of the traditional face-to-face learning?
  • Is the use of phones and other devices in communication impacting or directly affecting face-to-face interaction or interpersonal communication?
  • Do you believe the cloning technology is ethical?
  • Should the world be scared due to the increased role of robotics in today’s world?
  • Is the idea of having identity chips installed in people ethical?
  • How has technology changed or affected people’s views on physical books? Do people read more or less as a result of technology?
  • Is the world becoming too dependent on technology? What, in your opinion, is the disadvantage of this dependence?
  • How good or bad is genetically modified food for our bodies?
  • Is the use of drones outside the military in the best interest of society? Why?

What’s your take on driverless cars? Should the world adopt this idea or maintain the old system?