5 Top Kitchen Trends for 2019


The cosmopolitan citizens of South Africa are flocking to urban hubs, and with this, means that they need to consider space and efficiency, without compromising on style. Innovative local appliance manufacturers such as DEFY have considered the end consumer and the space they live in and applied innovative thinking to both gadgets and aesthetics to make life simpler, better and faster.

With this in mind, we have pinpointed the top on-trend looks and state-of-the-art appliances for 2019:

1. Smart Appliances

As technological advances continue to enhance our daily lives, it comes as no surprise that this trend makes its way into our kitchens and laundry rooms. In the face of water and power restrictions, DEFY is focused on improved energy efficiency compared to A Energy ratings to save more on electricity costs and benefit the environment, as well as incorporating more user-friendly features to make life even easier. As room is a consideration, Top Loader washing machines are a great choice for space-savvy.

2. Minimal

In your kitchen, less truly can mean more as the focus shifts from minimal items for maximum impact. Not only is this trend aesthetically pleasing, but the added space lends itself to a more practical prep time and storage solutions. Stick with the concept of Hygge and be sure that surfaces are clutter-free, and consider clean-lined cabinetry and timeless straight lines for a modern and contemporary appeal.

3. Reimagined Ovens

2019’s ovens are anything but unsightly. Appliance experts such as DEFY are reimagining the traditional wall oven by incorporating sleek, slimline designs with exceptional tech such as Thermofan cooking to deliver on both form and function.

4. Concrete Chic

Keeping with minimal kitchen design themes of late, we’ve seen our fair share of concrete backsplashes, countertops, and flooring in tons of textural surfaces such as concrete. Raw materials run through to the latest kitchen designs which reference the past but feel contemporary.

5. Stainless Steel

The antithesis to the tendency to go for all-white kitchens, black and moodier hued kitchen appliances add an elegant sense of drama to any home, are easier to manage, and are an elegant alternative to standard ivories.

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