6 Prominent EdTech Companies and Their Influence on the Process of Writing Papers


The coming year will see EdTech companies becoming more normalised, and certain tendencies coming to the fore. Adaptive and blended learning are coming to the classroom in force, with traditional learning still being the focus, but with the new learning styles being used to support students in learning at their own pace.

The use of technology in classrooms is something which will support students in their learning, because they can then adapt it to their own needs. The idea behind this is to use game-based learning as a means of bringing students into the classroom in a real sense, and investing them in their own learning. These new ideas, it is hoped, will help when writing college papers, as it will help the people in charge of education to see the problems as they form, enabling them to help more effectively.


2010 saw the creation of Udemy, an online marketplace which seeks to democratise education, to use its own words. This marketplace allows anybody to upload a class, and take on a class if they want to, and the classes can be on any subject, such as writing a college paper. Most classes are in the price range of twenty to one hundred dollars, so there is a lot of money in Udemy. As well as allowing individual classes to be created, Udemy allows corporations to create training courses for its employees and potential employees on the site as well. Udemy is rising in the EdTech world because of this profit stream, as it sets it apart from other marketplaces which are similar.

Donors Choose – Education Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding platforms are a part of the digital world now, and we are all familiar with them – Donors Choose is one of those platforms, with the small difference that all of the projects are education based. The projects are set up and run by high school teachers who need funding for their own small project, such as a high school trip, or perhaps some new books for their classroom\school. In Donors Choose, instead of the money going to fund a book or a movie, it funds education in its various forms. Donors Choose isn’t the only crowdfunding site which operates on this principles of course; there are others which do the same thing, bringing people together to donate money for good causes ranging from gardening to cancer. Donors Choice is different because it focuses exclusively on education. This has allowed it to gather information on teachers and their needs, leading to them advocating for needed reforms.

Andela: Programming Education

This EdTech focuses specifically on training people in programming in the countries Nigeria and Kenya. These courses are highly competitive, and successfully completing them can often lead to lucrative job offers for tech companies in America. While most EdTech companies made their names by offering programming courses in the more usual grounds for it, Andela has gone to economies in the third world which do not have immediate access to the same kinds of jobs and programmes. Andela is something which could teach me to write my paper more effectively on programming, because the courses themselves are highly informative.

Coursera: MOOCs

Coursera is an EdTech which has partnered with many of the major universities in the Western world to allow people to access many courses online for free. It allows massive numbers of people to take the course at once, many more than there would otherwise be space or resources for. Coursera has one primary competitor in Udacity, but where they both offer what are certification courses, Coursera is the only one who has done so by cosying up to elite schools.

Kramer: Classroom Collaboration

Kramer works with a wireless system which allows people to communicate over a wider distance than was possible before, while they can share information on one screen. Not only does this allow for greater potential in group work, it has potential for work to be going on during presentations, allowing one person to present the work of others who can’t be there.

ExecOnline: Corporate Education

ExecOnline partners with business schools to create courses which can be offered online to corporate clients. This allows people in offices to complete specific training courses without their company needing to send them offsite for significant amounts of time. All kinds of content can be accessed in this way.


EdTech companies are changing the way we approach education, and it is slowly changing how students can learn and grow. Despite this, there are still many students who would prefer to use a service of such a company as EssayZoo to do their work for them, rather than do the work themselves. EdTech is, as we have seen in this article, doing a lot to change how we approach education and each other, and there is a lot more to learn out there. EdTech is something which is harnessing new technology for the bettering of education worldwide, and the effects are beginning to show.

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