Author: Rajesperi Moodley

Show Me Your Mod!

You Can Have It All!   The smartphone is no longer simply a device with which to call and text. It has been revolutionised to become the entire world in the palm of your hand.     While most smartphones are jam-packed with features,  the modern consumer is now able to have so much more, thanks to Moto Mods.   They were designed with the modern lifestyle in mind. A Moto Mod will transform your Moto Z phone into an entirely new device. Think Super Zoom camera for the selfie lover,for moments where there’s more to a selfie than...

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TestOut-The Lessons That Only Experience Can Teach!

TestOut is the leader in online labs for academia and IT professionals. Through the use of Labsim, hands on experience is achieved, all in a safe, simulated environment. They’ve helped hundreds of thousands of individuals to progress in their education and careers, and have been doing this for more than 25 years. Their mission is to bring about a difference in the lives of individuals, through education, using breakthrough technology, one person at a time. There are three things that make them truly unique in their industry: – Experience-based training ,being the way they help you learn. – Simulations , being the technology that they use. – Customer centric approach, which speaks for itself. TestOut Pro Certifications show what you can do. It’s that missing link in IT Certification. In the working world, a certification is meant to prove to employers that people do infact possess the required knowledge and skills. However, most certifications only measure knowledge and the retention of such, how does one prove that they do infact possess skills as well ? That’s where TestOut Pro exams come in. Using the most advanced simulation technology, they’re able to measure the ability of individuals to perform real world IT tasks. The numbers speak for themselves. In the last five years alone, Test Out Pro has delivered more than 100 000 exams, certified more than 65 000 individuals...

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The Science of Stress – And How To Combat It.

Mental health is as important as physical health, irrespective of your age. Everyone experiences stress in this day and age.   Frequent exposure to stress can impair brain development and cause chronic illness in years to come.   Pharmaceutical treatments often have immense negative side effects, leaving many facing personal battles with few to no options.   Taeyoung Chang – an Industrial Design student – is the mastermind behind the Bubsy Vest.   His objective was to design a garment that applies controlled pressure on the body for anyone suffering from mild to severe anxiety or stress.   Hugs...

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Travel and Technology: Robots in Motion!

The type of luggage you choose to invest in can make or break your trip. Pulling a suitcase behind you when you’ve been stuck onboard an aircraft for sixteen hours is no joke. Especially if your boarding gate is a long walk away. With many options available, the choice you make can really impact your experience. The Travelmate suitcase from Travelmate Robotics is the luggage of choice for the tech-savvy globetrotter of the 21st century. Travelmate is the world’s first fully autonomous suitcase, working flawlessly in crowded environments. The Travelmate doesn’t require any peripherals. Instead, it integrates with your...

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Brands we’ve worked with: (2017)

Cape Wine Auction
Durban Fashion Fair
Joburg Centre for Software Engineering (JCSE)
Regent Business School
Starbucks South Africa
Ushaka Marine World