Check Out These Innovations in Science and Technology Around the World

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Whether you want to know what scientists are doing to clean up the ocean or have an interest in astronomy, innovators in every country around the globe are hard at work. While the average person is concerned about when the newest iPhone is coming out, science and technology go much deeper than consumer electronics. Every year, scientists come together for international conferences and conventions, sharing their knowledge and even showing off a bit. However, most of the time, new innovations are made behind the scenes, and each country has a different way of getting things done. When you compare science and technological innovations on a global level you can actually get a better overall picture of what is being done.

Developments in Science and Technology in the US

Whether you try to keep up with all of the new electronics coming out to market, pay attention to the pharmaceutical industry, or keep your eyes on major educational institutes like MIT, there is always something new to explore. In the United States, STEM is continuously being touted as vital. Educators are working hard to educate the next generation and things are moving along at a reasonable pace. At the same time, there is still a big push to get the youth more involved in science and technology. In the next few decades, it is expected that the US will finally be able to catch up with European countries.

South African STEM Community Making Strides in Education

Apparently, it is not only the US who is having trouble getting adolescents to see the power of STEM. In South Africa, there has been a lot of interest in revamping primary schools to include more of a focus on STEM. While there are still some major political upheavals going on in South Africa, its citizens — and scientists — have not let science and technology take a back seat. In the area of medicine, in particular, there has been a big push towards eradicating childhood illnesses and diseases.  

How Gender Equality is Helping Advance Science in Sweden

Sweden has, for the most part, been the model archetype for many other countries wishing to make STEM vital in schools as well as in major industries. But instead of just taking a focus on STEM in schools, Sweden first worked to address gender equality. By closing the pay gap and pushing for maternity as well as paternity leave, boys and girls are growing up equally valued. As a result, girls believe that they are as capable as boys and working women are much better able to provide for themselves.

Easy Access to New Technology

With tools like PCBs from Upverter, companies in Sweden are creating new technologies at a fast rate. There is more than enough money in the Swedish economy to pay for custom electronics components, enabling them to focus on the future. With science being integral to its society and gender equality being the norm, some of the most exciting innovations are coming from this relatively small European nation.

All countries are innovating at different rates. The good news is that innovations are happening, and everyone is able to learn from one another. With custom electronics components, a focus on education, and more talk about gender equality, science is bound to make new and more exciting discoveries.

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