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Direct Marketing: How it Can Work For Your Business

Direct marketing is a simple enough concept. It refers to those forms of marketing when you’re in a one-way or two-way conversation with a consumer – landing directly in their inbox, direct messaging system, or their SMS messages. These types of marketing are valued above “spray from the hip” styles of marketing, which rely on thousands of people seeing the same advert for only a handful to follow through on its content. Let’s look at how direct marketing works and what it could achieve for your business.


Millions of consumers have stopped using social media or only maintained profiles in order to use instant messaging services. That means that marketing spend is gently tugging away from the walls and feeds of social media firms and is instead tending towards landing in personal inboxes. It’s easy to see why – this is where personal messages usually land, so it’s somewhere that people will always be happy to check.

Still, choosing the direct messaging inbox that you’d like to target can be difficult. Some firms prefer SMS broadcasting, sending out texts on a large scale to a number of different devices. Others use WhatsApp Business or Facebook’s instant chat for businesses. It’s really up to you, though your decisions would be based on the kind of users you’ll find on the different platforms where such broadcasting is available.


Let’s examine, for a short while, the psychology of targeting consumers via their messaging services instead of via their wider feeds. The primary reason marketers are salivating over messaging inboxes is that they’re so regularly checked. But there’s also a design difference between messages and items on a feed: the former must be read to be deleted, whereas it’s very easy to scroll past an advert without even looking at it.

So messaging marketing is more sticky and requires consumers to read the message, even if they only spend a second finding the delete button. You’re likely to generate more impressions this way, while you’ll also be able to offer consumers a way to start a two-way conversation – with responses potentially automated – via this technique.

Your Message

Reflecting the direct marketing ethos, your marketing via inboxes and direct messaging should be as personal and affable as possible. This isn’t a place for strictly corporate-speak – rather, it should be a place that your target audience can feel like you’re trying to make a genuine connection. The inbox is a personal space, after all – and one to show some personality in, too.

So, when you’re constructing your campaign, it might be wise to check out other successful examples of this kind of marketing so that you have something to base your own efforts upon. And partnering with a marketing team can help, too, especially if you’re new to marketing in general. They’ll help you understand the technology, how to measure your success rate, and how to adapt your content to optimize your marketing spend.

Direct marketing is an exciting and developing form of marketing that all firms should consider investing in throughout the coming year.

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