Community/Charity Work

We have been part of many fund-raising and charity drives, these include:

We have also started the Law J Foundation in 2017.

The Law J Foundation is a non-profit charity organization aimed at providing education, healthcare, and shelter for the less privileged kids and old aged. The aim is to make a significant impact on the community by transforming the lives of the less privileged and providing the infrastructure needed to make long-term impact on their lives. To attain basic life necessities that they require to live comfortably. The Law J Foundation assists in providing food and shelter for our beloved animals that for some reason cannot be taken care of or abandoned. The foundation also assists in developing educational and religious facilities as well as to promote sports and other engaging activities. One of our goals we have set for the near future include creating healthcare programs aimed at supporting less privileged persons that are suffering from life-threatening illnesses by providing medical assistance. Another goal is aimed at educational programs which will be geared towards helping the underprivileged youth realize their dreams. We believe that sound education is the best way to break the cycle of poverty in and around the community.

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Law J Foundation @ Phoenix Pioneer Primary School in 2019

Some of our cool merchandise
Thank you letter to Digital Street from Santa Cause for Paws
Thank you message to Digital Street from The 4 Rhino’s Campaign
Thank you message to Digital Street from Foresthaven Sporting Club (FSC)


Thank you message to Digital Street from Sarisha Sookdew (Miss Uniworld South Africa 2017 Finalist)