First Truly Bezel-Less Television to be Unveiled Next Week by Samsung


The idea of a truly bezel-less screen is an eye-catching one, and it seems like Samsung is closest to achieving the concept than any other company. According to a reputable source, Samsung is expected to release a truly bezel-less television that will be unveiled at CES 2020.

The source indicates that the new technology involves welding the display panel onto the main body of the TV, without relying on a frame – the bezel, so to say – to hold the display panel in place. This would allow the screen to have no borders around, as is currently seen on consumer-grade televisions.

The technology and process will be limited to screen sizes above 65 inches. However, there are definite concerns about the structural integrity of such a design, since the display panel could quite easily come apart from the main body and not be held securely in place by the frame. At the same time, Samsung is said to be ready to mass produce the technology as early as February 2020, indicating that these issues have already been addressed.

Sammobile has also revealed that Samsung has filed a trademark application for ‘Zero Bezel’, suggesting that the TV will be simply and aptly called the ‘Zero Bezel TV’.

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