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Here’s why content creators and gamers shouldn’t treat upload speed as an afterthought

The internet super highway isn’t a one-way street. While everyone’s focus is usually on their download speed, there are countless reasons why influencers, content creators, and gamers shouldn’t treat upload speeds as an afterthought.

“A recent Vuma 2021 Core End-User Research Study revealed that only 17% of respondents upgraded their fibre internet speed because they have large upload requirements. That indicates that most people only consider download speeds over upload speeds for streaming their favourite content or scrolling through social media feeds,” says Lianne Williams, Marketing Director at Vuma. “However, upload speed can play a considerably more crucial role than it gets credit for, especially for content creators and gamers.”

Why upload speeds matter

Although often overlooked, upload speed determines how fast you can send or upload data from your computer or device to the internet. For example, it allows you to attach a document to an email or upload a holiday picture to a social media platform. Upload speeds are also essential for crystal-clear video conferencing and lag-free online gaming.

Similarly to how download speed affects the picture and sound quality when streaming a movie or series on TV, your upload speed also affects how people see and hear you on their end of a video call or your reaction speed in an online game.

How upload speeds influence content creators

As a content creator or influencer, you’re more than just a consumer of the internet; you’re also a contributor to captivating live streams and professionally produced online content. So, the last thing you need is slow upload speed.

Without solid and reliable internet upload speed, your Instagram Live, TikTok, and Twitch live streams would be sluggish, start lagging and buffering, and all your hard work putting that content together would go to waste. Not to mention how frustrated your followers would be.

On the other hand, fast upload speed ensures your stream runs smoothly, without hiccups from start to finish and the best news is that fibre to the home is unlimited, any time, any day, all year.

Fast upload speeds take online gaming to the right level

Vuma’s survey shows that more households are upgrading their fibre speeds because of an avid gamer in the house, reflecting the crucial role high-speed internet plays in turning glitch-free gaming into a reality.

In the same way that fast download speeds are essential for connecting to the latest FIFA 2023, new Fortnite season or much-loved Roblox and Minecraft, fast upload speeds allow you to send data to the gaming or streaming server. More important than both of those however is ping. If you have ever played online, then you know how crucial your ping speeds can be. As a rule of thumb, the lower your ping speeds are the less chance you have of experiencing lag. Clocking ping speeds of 15ms (milliseconds) or less is generally considered excellent. Landing in the 45-100ms range is decent but not ideal and anything from 100-250+ms is basically unplayable. With Vuma’s unlimited fibre none of these will bother you ever again. That means you can live-stream on Twitch, game online, communicate during multiplayer games, or upload your latest wins to YouTube quickly, smoothly, and without a glitch.

“In addition to fibre internet being the most reliable internet option, it also often offers symmetrical upload speeds. That means a 100Mbps download speed offers a superior gaming and viewing experience for high-end 8k TVs,” concludes Williams.

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