A fridge, washing machine and a television are the three basic necessities for a modern home. But buying a household appliance is no longer a matter of going to a store and choosing one that looks like it’ll do the job. So much more goes into it – with technological advances creating smart appliances, consumers now have so many options to suit their needs and adapt to their unique lifestyle.

Whether it’s a television for watching the beautiful game, a freezer that can change into a fridge when required, or a washing machine that can accept the left-out sock during a wash cycle, modern appliances have become more than mere necessities. Choosing something that fits into specific lifestyle habits increases convenience and after sales service is part of that convenience.

Richard Chetty, Director Customer Services at Samsung, says, “Our customers are discerning buyers and want the very best, which is why we ensure premium customer care. The Samsung Signature Service sets the bar and we are continually adding products to our premium range. The hardest part of making a purchase is deciding which one to buy – the rest is handled by our service team.”

Samsung’s Signature Service offering now includes the 65″ UHD Curved TV, 78″ UHD Curved TV, 85″ UHD Flat TV, Chef Collection Refrigerator, French Door Refrigerator (T9000), AW4 Sparkling Refrigerator, Food Show Case Refrigerator and the Front Load Washing Machine (WW9000).

These premium products all carry extended warranties and buyers are assured of white glove service from the moment a purchasing decision is made. This means that buyers don’t have to touch the product until it’s delivered, fully installed and they’ve been trained on its features. Specialist Samsung installers will collect, deliver the product if you stay within 70km from point of purchase and install the product free of charge. This can only be done if the product is bought from an accredited Samsung agent instore. With technology being at the forefront of appliances now, training is also given free of charge, to ensure customers get the best usage out of their new purchase.

To further enhance the service, Samsung has ensured that every buyer registered on the Samsung Signature Service programme will have access to round-the-clock specialists, either online, via telephone, or through in-home visits. Customers are encouraged to make sure that their products are registered, to enjoy the premium membership that provides exclusive warranties and access to content and services.

“We’re all about innovation, not only in our product technology, but also services. The signature Service is in line with what our customers have come to expect from Samsung – exceptional convenience and after-sales care,” concludes Chetty.

For more information on the Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer for the Signature Service, please visit: http://www.samsung.com/za/support/warranty/signature_warranty_T&C/index.html