How to Improve Your E-Commerce Business


Many businesses are now deciding to make the transition online due to the vast amounts of benefits it can provide; however, achieving success isn’t always an easy task. You’re likely to be faced with a vast amount of competition from similar businesses in your field, making it difficult to stand out from the crowd and draw in a wider customer base.

If you already have an existing e-commerce business and noticed that custom has turned stale in recent times, it may be time you rethought your plan of action. Rethinking your strategy to increase website visitor numbers and, more importantly, sales is incredibly important to get right, though. Therefore, here are some useful tactics that you may like to take into consideration:

1. Improve your customers check-out experience

One of the reasons why you may not be making many sales is because customers are finding it difficult to get through the check-out phase on your website. When customers have found what they are looking for, they wish to make a purchase quickly and easily. If there are too many pages to click through and other unnecessary barriers in place, they’re likely to click off your website and browse competitor sites instead. It would be an idea to place yourself in your customer’s shoes and find methods of making the check-out process as easy as possible by using a quality e-commerce platform. With a system that is optimized for mobile and is 60% faster, your customers will never find a reason why they can’t pursue their purchase. 

2. Focus on customer retention

One of the mistakes that many online businesses make is that they focus on obtaining new customers rather than retaining loyal ones. While it’s important to seek new methods of growing your customer base, it is ultimately returning customers who will keep your business ticking over like clockwork. In comparison to first-time customers who make a single purchase, loyal customers are much more likely to purchase a larger number of products and turn over more profit each time they visit your website, so they shouldn’t be forgotten.

One of the most effective ways of securing loyal customers is to set up a loyalty program. This may include offering money-off discounts or free gifts when they spend over a certain amount.

3. Display security badges that show your website is reliable

Cybersecurity has become a real concern for customers when shopping online, due to the growing number of security hacks by unlawful businesses. If customers are hesitant that your website is untrustworthy, it’s highly unlikely that they will part with their money. If you have carried out checks to ensure your website is secure, you may decide to add security badges onto your homepage to prove it, but never deceive your customers, or you could find yourself facing a legal battle.

4. Add customer testimonials

Customer testimonials are impartial judgments left by your customers detailing their experience with your company. Ultimately, these comments can prove your business’s credibility and may shape a new customer’s decision to purchase from you. It would be wise to add testimonials to your website home page so that they’re easily spotted before the customer goes any further.

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