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Huawei Launches Power-S, Seamless Solar Hybrid Power & Backup Solution for Commercial & Industrial Business & Facilities

Huawei Digital Power this week launched its new commercial and industrial products designed to ensure business continuity for small businesses and households adversely impacted by intensifying load shedding, as well as rapidly rising fuel and electricity prices.

Among the products launched is the Huawei Power-S seamless solar hybrid power and backup solution. The solution is suitable for commercial and industrial scenarios providing high-quality hybrid power supply. It can be used for farms, malls, hotels, restaurants, banks, offices, campuses, and factories, which have energy needs 30-100KW range.

Power-S can support multiple energy sources including photovoltaic, diesel generators, and Grid. As a result, Power-S supports seamless power switchover within 10ms (milliseconds), resulting in an uninterrupted experience for critical loads, such as lighting, televisions, and networks.

The Power-S module is an all-in-one solution, which means that all of the components are integrated into a single cabinet. That helps solve the problems of a large footprint, difficult installation, and multi-vendor management associated with traditional solutions. It also means that it can be easily installed within a single day and could help customers reduce installation time by 80%, as well as cabling time and commission time.

Thanks to its modular design, customers can also flexibly expand the capacity of batteries and power modules to supports flexible sizing for every budget, which helps minimise the construction cost throughout the lifecycle. At the same time, in order to solve the problem of underutilisation of battery value caused by the mixed use of old and new batteries, Huawei’s battery hybrid technology ensures that each battery’s value is maximised.

Power-S is also easy to maintain, has a high battery cycle life, supercharge abilities and zero civil work, which delivers superior power consumption experience to customers.

For residential customers, Huawei announced price cuts for its Power-M solution. The solution which has the premium functions of all-in-one modular design, seamless switchover, and low noise emissions. Priced at R69 999 the Power M offers an affordable solution to ensure that South Africans are protected from load shedding. It also offers the option of a larger battery capacity, allowing people to keep to their homes up and running even during prolonged outages.

In addition to the product launch, Huawei upgraded the official website-FusionSolar 2.0 and Huawei online store to further enhance the customer experience.

So, in essence, Power-M will light up your home, Power-S will light up your business, and together with HUAWEI, will light up your Life.

In the future, Huawei will continue to work with partners to bring green power into a wide range of industries and provide customers with a high-quality portfolio of sustainable power solutions.

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