HUAWEI Map Kit is devoting itself to improving the location-based service experience of apps outside of China


HUAWEI Map Kit has received widespread attention since last year’s HUAWEI Developer Conference and this attention only increased with the release of HMS Core 4.0 in January and the online HUAWEI device and strategy launch conference on 24 February 2020.

Fast-paced Development from the Ground Up

In the few months since release, HUAWEI Map Kit has been providing multi-purpose functions such as map display, multi-route planning, place search, and global coverage. This to meet the requirements of various apps including social, e-commerce, health and fitness, and other apps. Map Kit serves more than 200 countries and regions worldwide and is available in 50 languages. It provides more than 700 APIs of six types and has been integrated into more than 70 apps.

From Supplementing Capabilities to Overtaking Rivals

During the online launch event for the Mate Xs, it was observed that HUAWEI Map Kit has evolved from supplementing capabilities to overtaking rivals by offering superior performance in multiple features including personalised map display and multi-route planning.

HUAWEI Map Kit is a map service for developers, rather than a map application, and merges capabilities of Map Kit, Site Kit, and Location Kit. Huawei cooperates with global partners such as TomTom to help developers outside China implement personalised map displays and interactivity, improving the overall location-based service experience of their apps. HUAWEI Map Kit has helped the Huawei Health app to provide better user experiences for over 43 million users globally.

For HUAWEI Map Kit, this is all just the beginning, and we look forward to unveiling and exploring its ever-expanding capabilities.

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