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Introducing Blazing-Fast Broadband with Afrihost Fibre!

A leader in the Telecoms industry with various DSL, Hosting and Mobile products, Afrihost will now be offering Blazing-Fast Broadband through Fibre Internet. In true Afrihost style, they have several affordable, contract-free packages to choose from, and are working with multiple Fibre providers to facilitate the spread of Pure Internet Joy.  


In an effort to offer Fibre to as many people as possible, Afrihost has partnered with Vumatel, TT Connect, and Telkom Fibre at launch to ensure expansive coverage across the country. Over the coming weeks and months, Afrihost will be adding more providers to their network to ensure the largest fibre footprint possible.

Similar to Afrihost’s DSL Packages, each Fibre package will have a Home, Business, and Premium option. Each option is designed for a different client experience with Home geared towards the web surfer, Premium geared towards the gamer and media addict, and Business geared towards heavy and business users. These options will be priced according to the line speed and relevant Fibre partner.

Each last-mile provider has a different lead time for installation, however, as soon as your Fibre line is installed you can be connected to the Afrihost Network within 24 Hours. If your Fibre line is already installed by one of our partners, you’ll be connected shortly after you sign up.

All Afrihost Fibre Packages are bundled, which means that what you see is what you pay – no hidden costs and no surprises. Packages are all-inclusive with the price covering both the Data and Line Rental. Each provider has their own installation fee, which will be communicated to clients on signup.

While Fibre may not be available in all areas yet, it’s currently rolling out aggressively across the country and is becoming more and more pervasive. Check out their Fibre Microsite and use their Availability Map to find out if your area is Fibre ready, and what packages are on offer.

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