Electronic Arts (EA) has delayed its much anticipated open-world multiplayer shooter, Anthem to 2019. The sci-fi action game from Mass Effect and Dragon Age studio Bioware debuted with a slick trailer at E3 2017 showing off giant mechanised suits, sprawling, bustling environments and visuals that appeared to be realistically unachievable on current generation consoles.

EA has claimed that the reason for Anthem’s delay has nothing to do with reports stating that the game was facing development troubles. Rather, it believes the game has a better chance of meeting sales expectations by launching it in a quieter period. The reason for this is that a lot of big, established franchises see games out towards the end of the year such as Call of Duty, and EA’s own such as FIFA.

Instead of Anthem a new Battlefield game will be released. There has been no confirmation from EA as yet if it will be the oft-rumoured Battlefield: Bad Company 3 just yet. Considering how well Battlefield 1 has done and continues to do, it seems like they’re playing it safe.

EA is looking to prevent the same mistake from happening after launching titles like Titanfall 2 which have suffered dismal sales due poorly chosen release windows.