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What Others Say About Us?

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This is what others have to say about us… 

      I would have to say Digital Street is amazing because I always learn and see new things all the time it gives me a greater look at technology and I am always up to date... I love that it's fresh and easy to access

    thumb Tiyana Van Der Rheede

      Digital Street is a must try with great reviews and amazing pictures they are definitely one of the best in the industry and a beautiful brand of the south african market....keep up the great work....�

    thumb Ashley Soobiah

      Digital Street is an amazing blog and it is an advanced technology system that has made lives of so many people easier and less stressful . Digital Streets involvement with charity is also commendable in terms of the initiative and hard work that has been put into it Well done Lawrence �

    thumb Valencia Govender

      Great content! Plus Lawrence is such a pleasure to work with! Keep it up 🙂

    thumb St. Kafi Mojapelo

      Love Digital Street! Lawrence is always up to date with his tech trends and knowledge and publishes such worthy reviews of interesting products.

    thumb Lara-Lee Rothwell

      I love reading the articles by @[477267062302714:Digital Street] keeps me up to date with all the latest gadgets . I have shared this info with my 13 year old son who loves the tech stuff . Very informative . I wait to receive the emails . Keep up the great work . Ooh I always know when the latest phones are out . Thank you

    thumb Beverley Cindy

      Wow, Digital Street is simply amazing 🙂 Keep up the excellent work

    thumb Ashley Padayachee

      Finally a science and technological blog that is easy to read and understand. Thank you Digital Street for making tech available to us mere mortals �

    thumb Ajay Mich Harris

      Digital Street helps me stay in the know and be able to keep up with conversations my tech savvy friends have. Amazing content shared with the public!

    thumb Mohini Manisunker

      Great blog ! Very current and relevant news ! Also nice high frequency of new stories

    thumb Jacques Du Rand

      Your work is amazing Lawrence!! Love it #DigitalStreet 🙂

    thumb Daphne Mangroo

      Digital Street is amazing. Its by far the Best.Fresh and Bold easy. Very easy and truth be told i love it. MY NO 1

    thumb Charmaine Balraj

      Digital street always keeping us up to date with the latest technology and amazingly smart gadgets

    thumb Siva Moonsamy

      Digital street...not only a multiple award winning number 1 techno brings science and technology to life and understanding even to a child. Makes everything so easy to understand and always, discussing current situations that affects everyone. Makes me love science since it takes your experience as a reader to a different world of warmth, intellectualism and simplicity to your every question of daily living. It's dynamic nature is indeed so infectious and stimulating to mind! When I read through the blog I feel as if someone listens to my hassles of living a simplified life. Definitely created with the reader at mind and people who have less understanding of techno/science.

    thumb Prenisha Singh

      Amazing Work Lawrence!! Always updating everyone on the new technology and gadgets. A wonderful and pleasant person as well..keep up with the good work!!

    thumb Roshell Soobramoney

      The site is just like Lawrence - user friendly, supportive & informative 🙂 XX

    thumb Steven J Brown

      I've had a long professional relationship with the Digital Street team and have always been impressed with their professionalism, relevancy of stories and excellent service. Well done Lawrence!

    thumb Anisa Ussuph

      Always good to work with journalists and influencers who know their audience and content that adds value.

    thumb Kim Barty

      @[477267062302714:Digital Street] have good service and they are fast.

    thumb Makhosazane Ndlovu

      Wow great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #DigitalStreet

    thumb Lalitha Mangroo

      The best news and website page that keeps me in the loop and top of everything ,very informative,savy , trendy and by far the best bringing the most rad competitions.A Definite must have page

    thumb Nicole Naicker
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