Review: Plantronics Voyager Focus UC


So we’ve managed to get our hands on the Plantronics Voyager Focus UC and Wow Oh Wow! On our review below we’d like to show you what makes the Plantronics Voyager Focus UC stand out from its competitors. Apart from the headset’s high-quality design providing superior audio on both sides of the call, Are your essential methods of correspondence a PC and Mobile device? Do you like streaming music while you work? Trying really hard to concentrate however, you simply cannot because you’re occupied by all the clamor around you? In the event that you addressed yes to any of those inquiries, the Plantronics Voyager Focus UC may be the gadget for you!

What is the Voyager Focus UC and what can it really do?

The Voyager Focus UC is Bluetooth stereo headset with Active Noise Canceling speakers. Pairs to your mobile device via Bluetooth and to a PC/Laptop via USB Bluetooth dongle. You can answer softphone calls and mobile calls. You can stream music.

The charging stand has one hardwired USB link. I charged for couple of hours in light of the fact that I was eager to utilize it. The Voyager Focus UC was genuinely instinctive. The “answer/hang up” catch is on the mic side of headset and in addition the online pointer lights. A cool element on the off chance that you are streaming from your mobile device is that on the off chance that you get a softphone or phone call, it will stop the music. When you hang up call, it begins the music from where it stopped. In the event that you are utilizing a music streaming system like Windows Media Player and answer a call, it stops the music and begins back when you hang up.

In the event that I am watching a YouTube feature and answer a call, it doesn’t delay the feature or sound. Truth be told, I can hear the sound from the feature and the guest’s voice at the same time. So that was fascinating. No, the guest can’t hear the feature that is playing. Another cool element, suppose you are in a call and as it regularly happens, somebody comes up to you and they can hardly wait for you to get off call. In the event that you take headset off, amidst call, it consequently puts headset on quiet. When you put headset back on, it turns quiet off. The Voyager Focus UC has Smart Sensors so it knows when you are wearing the headset. Suppose you aren’t wearing the headset and you get a versatile call. You can answer by means of your cellular telephone like ordinary, in the event that you put the headset on; it naturally exchanges the call from your cell phone to the headset.

I’ve adored this component following the time when it was accessible. Correspondingly in the event that you aren’t wearing headset and you get a softphone call, essentially put the headset on and it answer call. What’s in the box?
With regards to the sound quality, Sounds really, really good. If you have ANC activated plus the music streaming…you won’t be able to hear anyone or anything. This is so important if you are working on an important project that requires your complete attention.

Our final say… Very close to the perfect headset ever created! Absolutely amazing features packed with quality sound. Pretty powerful right? The cherry on top of it all – 12 HOURS OF TALK TIME &15 HOURS OF MUSIC STREAMING! We give this a big 9.5/10

So whats in the box?

Plantronics Voyager Focus Stereo Headset, Charging Stand, BT600 USB Dongle, Micro USB Charging Cable, Travel Case, Quick Start Guide, other documentation.

So where can you purchase this at and what will it cost you?

Any authorized Plantronics Reseller and you’re looking to pay R 3 999,00.

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