Self-Isolation: How to Use the Internet for More Things than Work


Now that it has been officially confirmed that a mutated version of the SARS and MERS coronavirus is affecting hundreds of thousands of people across all sections of the planet, staying inside and avoiding social contact is a matter of highest priority. While South African authorities urge citizens to avoid the worst by preparing for it in advance, the internet will prove to be crucial in the coming days for maintaining everything. Setting aside the panic, we have listed five helpful ways to use the internet that could turn out to be essential for both maintaining a semblance of normal life, as well as keeping the global gloom from getting to you.

You Can Order the Essentials Online

Amazon US has now blocked the ordering of groceries, but that has not happened in the UK yet. It’s true that stocking up to an extent is a good idea, but a lockdown is not going to stop some foods from spoiling. You can still get your items delivered by properly covered delivery personnel from various shops near you, as well as from the big online retailers. Pick them up from your doorstep after delivery, but step out only after you have covered yourself properly as well.

Get Emergency Funds Online

In this time of turmoil, financial emergencies are not uncommon, although most undesirable. The problem is that the world wide web may have kept a lot of businesses going, but working from home is not a luxury that everyone can benefit from, unfortunately.

People who work in the real world, and must continue to do so in order to earn a living, will find quarantine to be nothing short of devastating for their finances. Even the banks are often closed and the very risk of going out and contracting the virus is simply too great for the most part anyway. Online loans can help you to keep the lights on during this time of international lockdown. They are generally approved within 24-hours and even bad credit loans are not impossible to get from a lender online. Visit website for more details regarding the maximum limits, tenures, interest rates, etc.

Long Live Social Media!

With all the hatred that social media has received over the years for making us unsocial, now we must all rely on the likes of Facebook and Instagram to keep us social! As humans are social creatures by design, do not isolate yourself, especially if you live alone. Call up your friends and family and hold video chats whenever you feel the need to do so because it’s more important than you may realise right now.

Work is just one part of life, which cannot and should not be the only focus in an emergency situation where you have to spend time inside, locked down indefinitely. Aside from taking care of the essentials and work, do focus on keeping yourself and the children entertained as well. This might be a great time to try a bit of good old-fashioned, sofa multiplayer gaming with the whole family.

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