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SnakeNation.io App Launches in South Africa to Empower Millennial Creators

Millennial creative networking and monetization social media platform will allow South African Millennials and Creatives to earn crypto, share content and interact with creative communities.

As South Africa celebrates Youth Month with the sobering reality of high unemployment figures and the lack of opportunities, Snake Nation has stepped into the breach with an exciting and revolutionary opportunity for South African millennials and creatives to share in the monetisation of their work and reach a global audience.

Snake Nation is a mission-driven, culture, content and technology company based in Atlanta, USA and Cape Town. The company’s mission is to enable equity in the creative economy for diverse creators, by giving them the tools to own their own narrative. By linking creative and economic freedom and tapping into the intersection of creativity, culture and technology,  millennials now have a powerful means of alleviating youth unemployment and poverty at their fingertips.

By simply downloading the beta-version of the SnakeNation.io app, young Multicultural Millennial (M2) creators and coders will be empowered to enter the $2.2 Trillion global Creative Economy on their own terms and build sustainable careers. Creative millennials can begin creating content and tap into Snake Nation’s global network of media and social media partners. For Africans, this means tapping into a global opportunity where Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) generate US$2.25-trillion with 29.5-million jobs worldwide, and in Africa provides 2.4-million jobs generating US$58-billion in revenue.

“Media consumption has changed, and so has the world,” says SnakeNation.io CEO and Tech Visionary, Karl Carter. “Millennials watch what they want, when they want and how they want. They have the buying power to move the needle and their diverse stories are not reflected in traditional media.”

Karl is excited to be launching the social media platform in South Africa: “Now, South Africans have the opportunity to get in on the act by generating their own content, curating and sharing and, importantly, also earn crypto tokens from their interactions with content, creators and brands.”

SnakeNation.io platform members are incentivised for engaging with content like posting, flame-ups, comments and shares and can earn SnakeNation.io‘s digital currency VNM (Venom Tokens). The new media platform aims to target creatives across the country and has founded creative college societies with access to an audience of over 8-million Multicultural Millennial creators and consumers. It also drives awareness and participation in Southern Africa on 52 campuses and reaches 600k students.

“We’re calling on young creators in South Africa to chart their own path, to #LiveFree and join SnakeNation.io ,” says Karl.

The app is currently available in beta download pending a full launch soon, and millennials can sign up at https://snakenation.io

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