Solarafrica Welcomes Its 50th Customer and Hits 17mw in Signed Solar Energy Contracts


Leading solar energy solutions provider, SolarAfrica, has reached a significant milestone after signing its 50th customer, achieving a total of 17 megawatts in commercial, residential and industrial energy contracts and a further 3.7 megawatt hours of energy storage. By growing the number of their EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) solar contractors and sales partners, SolarAfrica has welcomed new solar energy customers in South Africa, Namibia, Ghana, and Kenya.

SolarAfrica’s funding platform offers fully financed solar energy agreements through its certified partners, allowing these partners to offer cheaper energy to their residential, commercial and industrial customers. Solar agreements are alternatives to an outright purchase offer, a financed solution with no upfront payment and cheaper energy from day one. SolarAfrica owns and operates the systems installed and maintained by their certified partners.

After several months of development, SolarAfrica launched a significant update to its easy-to-use online workflow tool ( which is available to all certified partners. The latest commercial offering has been successful, “We have received an average of around 30 new projects loaded onto the platform monthly, it’s exciting to see these great tools being put to use” says SolarAfrica CTO, George Van Rooyen. Solar energy proposals can be generated by partners in less than a minute based on project inputs, providing fast turnaround times in obtaining project offer terms. SolarAfrica is able to finance many large and medium sized businesses including fuel stations, shopping centres, fast-food outlets and car dealerships.

Partnerships are the foundation of the company’s business, aiming to be the leading solar energy enabler and financing partner to contractors in the solar industry. Their current partners find the process to be user friendly and valuable in growing their business sales, “Traditionally we have waited 4 – 6 weeks for a finance offer from our financing partners. With SolarAfrica, we have managed to generate four project proposals in the last two weeks and secured quicker client meetings with customers interested in these offers” says SolarAfrica Sales Partner.

In the pipeline are new, soon-to-be launched, financing solutions and proposal tools which include an alternative Roof Rental and Rent-to-own option. “These new products give our partners even more options to provide energy cost savings to their customers in an efficient and straightforward way.” Johan Pienaar, Head of Business Development at SolarAfrica.

SolarAfrica remains committed to innovation in the financed solar sector and in particular, to continually enhance their ability to enable their partners in the solar energy eoc-system, from their installers, EPC partners and Green Energy Consultants to their referral and sales partners.

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