South African Crypto Users To Earn Income in the Crowd Cloud


With the population of South Africa reaching 56 million, over half (an estimated 30 million) are now accessing the internet daily.  58% of “online adults” made purchases through websites in 2016, amounting to an estimated spend of R37.1bn.

With a growing number of notable South Africans creating big business through blockchain technology and over 900 cryptocurrencies available worldwide – The banks are starting to pay attention. Of these 900, two lead the market. Bitcoin and Ethereum.

It may be too late for the adoption of Bitcoin as this stage as many are priced out of the market, but Ethereum is a different.

The success of Ethereum’s stable ascension is due to the steady increase of users. The Decentralized Application Platform (DAP) offers versatility, and is perfect for crowdfunding Initial Coin Offerings.

As online businesses in South Africa upgrade their cloud servers to allow their sites to handle the surge in site traffic, it’s no surprise to discover they’re forced to increase their stock prices to cover the cost. With the Ethereum based Cloud Token, this is set to change.

Join the Cloud token revolution here:

Levelling the market, Cloud Token is decentralizing cloud services to push down the price. Their tokens can be used to buy AWS and Azure services at half price.

The ICO is crowdfunding the technology to build the Crowd Cloud. One communal cloud, powered by unused computing power is idle devices worldwide. You can earn an income by donating your own spare memory and CPU.

The earlier adopters of Cloud Tokens will have a financial advantage. The ICO is due to close on August 25, and it’s not difficult to foresee the initial $10 token price is expected to increase dramatically in the first week.


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