Telegram Apps Disappear From Apple’s App Store while Telegram X Arrives on Google Play


Popular messaging apps Telegram and Telegram X have mysteriously disappeared from Apple’s App Store. However, on the other hand, Telegram officially launched the Telegram X app for Android. Telegram X is an experimental app that claims to offer more features, new design, and faster animations compared to the original version. Users can log in with their credentials from the regular Telegram account. Additionally, TDLib has also been released for developers.

Getting back to the iOS app mystery, a Reddit user on Thursday noticed that both Telegram apps have “disappeared from iOS app store.” While the post hints towards the incident being related to the Telegram X for Android announcement, there has been no confirmation of linking between them. Meanwhile, a comment on the thread provides an official statement from Telegram support – “This is not intended. Hopefully it will be resolved quickly. Both versions should come back soon.” We shall update as and when the apps return to the App Store.

Telegram X is an experimental app that is committed to reinventing Telegram in terms of speed, quality of animations, ease of use etc. “This app is experimental and may or may not eventually replace the existing official app. But even if it doesn’t, it will speed up the development of Telegram by allowing us to quickly test new approaches and technologies,” said the Telegram team in a blog post.

The Telegram X app on Android supports a new bubble-free mode for chats. This mode allows messages and photos to take up more screen real estate. The app also lets users tap and hold on chats to preview content without opening them. The app comes with several swiping actions as well such as swiping left and right to switch between Chats and Calls, and swipe right on any message to open the forwarding menu. The Telegram X app also features a redesigned music player, attachment menu, and optimised profile pages. The app is currently available for download from Google Play.

The TDLib or Telegram Database Library has also been released, in a separate announcement. TDLib is a tool that allows third-party developers to build custom Telegram apps.

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