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The Benefits of SMS Marketing

The incredibly diverse world of marketing is constantly searching for new ways to effectively reach out to customers everywhere. In an extremely competitive (and lucrative) market, this can make the jobs of the marketing team both challenging and immensely rewarding.

With a host of free and efficient tools at one’s disposal, such as Google analytics, finding new ways to stand out amongst rival companies can seem like an uphill struggle.

Perhaps one form of marketing, SMS marketing to be precise, is an area of enterprise somewhat overlooked. Here are some of the many benefits you may be able to observe when using SMS marketing to your advantage.

Customer Engagement Rate

An SMS message is more direct than other methods of commutation, such as the traditional email sent from a mailing list, and it has the tendency to feel more personalized.

This is partly down to the fact that the message is being sent straight to the customer’s phone number, bypassing the problem that a standard email can have of being completely ignored.

If 14.5 billion spam emails are indeed sent out every single day, one may conclude that sending a cold email for marketing purposes may not be received in the most positive light. This presents an opportunity for the viability of the SMS message, as when composed carefully and thoughtfully, it might have a higher chance of avoiding the spam folder altogether.

Efficient Integration

SMS marketing can be an effective tool to use alongside other aspects of your marketing strategy, as it can help to contribute towards an all-encompassing, multichannel campaign that takes a number of platforms into consideration.

For example, it could be the first point of contact that serves to direct your customer to the bulk of your services elsewhere online.

Sense of Importance

A direct SMS message can have the ability to emanate a sense of importance, as it is more direct and can take fewer steps to access, this is perhaps another advantage over an email.

This factor makes using SMS a good tool for subjects like political marketing and fundraising. You may wish to consider checking out ActBlue text messaging for some insight into how a fantastic SMS service operates. This is a great example of an effective marketing alternative that reaches a large number of people with staggering results.

Increase Your Brand’s Presence

Due to the engagement rate of an SMS marketing campaign, it can work wonders for increasing your brand’s presence in the eyes of the customer.

Brand awareness is incredibly important to the entirety of the marketing process and is often the first step in developing a successful campaign. This is perhaps partly down to the familiarity aspect of your brand, which is useful for building a bond of trust between you and the consumer.

The Scope of the Campaign

The 3.8 billion smartphones being used constantly in modern society make for fantastic marketing target, as people rarely tend to be found too far away from the hub of their mobile connectivity.

Although not necessarily a new form of marketing, using and adapting your campaign to include SMS messaging can be a handy new tool for your team.

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