Website Testing: What it Means for Your Business


Website testing is an essential step before launching any new site, but often, business owners fail to see why this is so important. However, with the sheer volume of competing websites out there featuring businesses with similar services, making sure that your website meets usability needs for your audience is vital, to ensure that potential customers don’t have a poor experience, and decide to move on to the next website that they find.

Read on for some important ways that website testing can help your business.

Making sure that your website works

It might seem blindingly obvious, but making sure that your website works as it should is one of the most important parts of website testing, and for good reason. One of the main reasons that people leave a website is because of issues with them loading correctly.

The process of website testing ensures that everything works as it should, including checking that links go to the right pages, images load perfectly, and any functions on the site are performing as you would expect them to.

Checking how long it takes the site to load

Using a helpful website testing tool such as can help your brand overcome one of the main issues most online businesses face: the 15 second rule.

This means that most website visitors decide whether or not to stay or leave a website page within 15 seconds, or often, far less. Site load times are one of the main reasons for this, and if a site is taking more than 3 seconds to load, then an estimated 40% of visitors are likely to leave your page.

That means that it is essential to check if your website is loading fast enough, if you want to retain traffic.

Ensure your website complies with current standards

Making sure that your website is compliant with the latest standards has huge benefits for your business.

Primarily, it means that you can feel confident that your site will display correctly with all browsers, including mobile browsers. As more and more site traffic comes through from mobile devices, it’s essential for businesses to be sure that they are providing potential customers with the best online experience.

Meeting web standards also ensures that your site is likely to rank much higher, making it more visible to your audience.

To find out what boosts conversion rates

Ultimately, any business wants their website to convert traffic into sales, and an important part of website testing is finding out what aspects may influence this. This can mean checking different versions or designs of the site.

Website testing allows you to compare and assess different landing pages, to find out how they perform, as well as checking out different design aspects. You may find that simple changes in layout, button styles, or copy can have a significant impact upon the number of sales or enquiries that come through, making it easier to form better decisions for your marketing activities.

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