What Type of Gamer Are You?


In a world where technology advances faster than we think, video game industry is one of the leading industries. According to Nezwoo, a market research firm, the games industry was expected to earn $108.9 billion in 2017 and would be booming with continued revenue up to $128.5 billion by 2020.

At some points in our lives, video games hold our interest. For some, it’s just literally a game – play it for a few hours, maybe until the next day, but that’s it. Boredom is eased; curiosity is satisfied.

There are a few others who play because perhaps it brings them happiness, or it’s the outlet of their pent up emotions. And of course, there are others who take it to a whole new level: they play to hone their skills and then eventually become professionals who make a living out of it.

Then there are some who try out online gaming to make some more money. Yes, sites like betway provides online betting on your smartphone, and you could bet on your favorite sports matches and win. It’s really simple – all you need to do is to predict the winner of a particular match. If you predict right, you win.

However, that’s not what we are going to talk about here. As a gamer, we are sure you like more than one niche. You could like action and sports. You could like strategy games too.

The Top Types of Gamers Today

Broadly speaking, here is a look at some of the more popular types of gamers.

The Achievers

These are the gamers whose desire is to always win. Sure, they play to have fun and meet other people, but their goal is to win every time so they can show off and compare their achievements to other gamers. Failure is not included in their gaming dictionary.

The Explorers

As opposed to the Achievers, the Explorers play the game because they want to discover and to learn more about the game. They are eager to understand the game in depth. They do not mind losing. They consider every loss as an opportunity to do well the next time they play. These gamers are also keen on rating and writing reviews about the game.

The Socializers

This type of gamers is similar to the Explorers, except that they play not for their own pleasure. These gamers play the game until they get the hang of it. They are always happy to celebrate other gamers’ success. When help is needed, the Socializers are the first ones to share their best practices.

The Killer

As the name suggests, these are those you don’t want to interact with most of the time, especially if you’re not down for being cheated on. The Killers are those who always want to get ahead of everyone else, whatever it takes.

You will see them gloating over your impending loss when they get past your level by using their ingenious hacks you will never know of. They may get their victory by doing these workarounds, but we can’t discount the fact that they are indeed geniuses who always think outside the box!

Among these, which category do you identify yourself with?

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