On the 12 February 2018, the 6 adventurers, intent on conquering and summiting Ojos del Salado by 24 February, headed off from OR Tambo to Argentina.  This challenging expedition will prove to be testing both mentally and physically, but ultimately rewarding in more than one way. 

“The challenges faced when attempting to summit an active volcano is a common parallel to the challenges the children of SA face if they are not provided with the necessary Early Childhood Education,” says an excited Wallis Watt, Chairperson of The Unlimited Child and the only woman on the expedition. 

The Unlimited Child was founded by Iain Buchan in 2008 after he discovered how crucial Early Childhood Development was when he promised his child minder that he would ensure her grandchildren got the education they needed in return for playing such an instrumental role in his children’s upbringing.

When the children were struggling to cope with formal schooling he did some research and his findings were conclusive that without proper stimulation in the formative years between 0 months and 5 years old, children will not be able to reach their full potential. With this in mind, he set out to make a difference.

“In just 3 weeks we will summit Ojos del Salado which is almost parallel to the rapid impact that we make, enabling a preschool to be equipped with the relevant training and equipment to facilitate Early Childhood Development. So we urge you to help us achieve our goal and reach 600 000 children and 5 000 preschools by 2021,” adds Watt.

The Unlimited Child’s programme starts with a rapid impact 3 week intervention. The intervention in week one focuses on upskilling preschool teachers and equipping them with the relevant skills, information and training required 

In Week two, once this training is completed, the preschool receives relevant and culturally appropriate educational toys and resources and is able to immediately transform the classroom into a stimulating environment that is conducive to promoting the holistic development of children.

The core focus in week three is the start of the monthly mentoring, monitoring and support of the preschool teachers.  This is to ensure they are confident and competent to facilitate the holistic development of the children and ensure they are adequately prepared for formal school and able to reach their full potential in life.

This initiative requires the support of corporates and individuals to ensure that together, we can make a difference in shifting the lives of our children.

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