4 Great Tech Degrees You Can Get Completely Online


Online education is increasingly popular because of the myriad benefits. You don’t have to travel to and from campus, or out of the country for that matter, and you may get access to programs that aren’t available at the local university. However, not everything can be taught online, even if they’re often advertised that way. For example, many medical programs require you to be on campus at least part-time, but this isn’t true for all of them. Here are 4 great tech degrees you can get completely online.

Computer Science

Computer science is an ideal major for those who want to keep up with technology and get on the leading edge of technology. You can start with something with an associate’s degree and consider a wide variety of level entry jobs. You may work as entry-level tech support staff or as a technician configuring laptop computers and setting up servers. However, salaries go way up if you earn a bachelor’s degree in IT or computer science.

You can get bachelor’s degrees in technology completely online much faster than you would through a traditional program. It could be information technology fields like artificial intelligence or IT cybersecurity. Given the rapid proliferation of smart devices and AI in data analysis and decision making, you could work in manufacturing, healthcare, or transportation as well as high-tech industries. If you can install, configure and repair computer networks, the average pay rate is very high, even at entry-level.

Video Game Design/Art

Video game art is a specialized form of graphic arts. You’ll learn everything from creating 2D and 3D artwork for backgrounds all the way to animating the main characters.

This is an excellent choice for people who love art and video games and want to be paid a lot more than they would for creating infographics and logos. Video game design is a more technical degree in comparison, and you will learn how to develop games for mobile devices, computers and stand-alone gaming consoles. Entry-level positions tend to pay very well, and demand for this skillset is steadily increasing.

Animation/Graphic Design

Computer animation and graphic design have replaced drafting and other traditional media. The internet is also creating additional demand for graphic design, because every online advertisement, professional social media profile, and blog requires graphics. Graphic design and animation are things you can learn completely online, and it’s another field that is seeing impressive growth.

Engineering/Engineering Management

This one’s kind of a catch, because it can be hard to find a bachelor’s in engineering program that is entirely online. So, while there is always the possibility of finding one, you might have to travel for face-to-face engagements. The high pay rate for engineers and high demand around the world makes online engineering programs well worth it, however.

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You could also consider getting a bachelor’s degree in electronics engineering. You’ll learn how to design circuit boards and microchips. You could also advance your career by earning a degree in engineering management. This is typically a master’s degree rather than a bachelor’s degree.

There are a number of high-tech degrees you can earn entirely online. The question is, which one is the best fit for your interests and abilities?

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