Recent research suggests that writing is dying. With our current progress in technology, we’re finding ourselves typing more than we hand write in our day to day lives. Even writing a signature has become rarer due to the predominance of credit cards.

It has come to the point of schools no longer teaching children penmanship classes in school. Although, typing an email might be faster and more efficient, writing by hand might be a good option also.

If you think writing by hand is a thing of the past, think again. Read on to learn 6 surprising and powerful benefits of writing by hand.

  1. Improves Your Focus

If you have a short concentration span, typing will be bad for you. Temptations will sway you off typing into things such as computer games or surfing the internet.

Procrastination is a common behavior with many people. Once you have finished with your distractions, get back to writing but try it with a pen and paper this time. Handwriting will help you stay constantly engaged with your mind hence keeping you focused. This also helps you remember things easily especially when you’re aging.

  1. Soothes Your Body and Nerves

A recent study states that writing down sentences like, “I will be more peaceful”, several times in a day can have an impact on your body and nerves, especially to those who have short attention spans.

This calms you down because it unwinds your brain from tension by keeping you more focused on the letters that you’ll be writing.

  1. Helps If You Have Dyslexia

Dyslexia is a learning disability where you have difficulty spelling, reading, and writing. People with dyslexia portray symptoms such as:

  • Have difficulty in spelling.
  • Read and write slowly.
  • Don’t comprehend sentences read to them easily.
  • Confuse their ordering of letters

Though it affects one’s learning capabilities, it doesn’t affect your intelligence. Learning cursive letters is important for the development of kid’s motor skills as well as individuals with dyslexia.

  1. Improves Your Creativity

We use different sides of our brains when writing cursive. This is because the activity is artistic in nature as every individual has different handwriting from another.

  1. Improves Your Learning

A study found that writing notes helps you understand what the lecturer is talking about faster compared to when typing. This happens because you’ll get to first process the information that you’re learning in the brain first before rewriting it on the paper with your own words.

  1. Eases Depression and Anxiety

Sometimes, writing down your thoughts can turn out to be an amazing form of therapy. Particularly writing in cursive because it’ll get you calm by helping you with your erratic. And since you connect to words more when you write them out, you can also process a problem more easily when you put it to paper.

Will Typing Replace Writing By Hand?

Many people prefer typing to writing by hand because it’s more efficient and easy. We all agree that editing text in a computer is less demanding and time consuming compared to actually writing.

Yet, writing has gone through many evolutions from when it was first invented and it seems like it’s still evolving. Start utilizing the benefits of writing by hand today!

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