Are You Protecting Your Clients and Technology?


You’ve worked hard, creating a thriving company and a successful product line. Now, you want to safeguard it from harm, allowing it instead to flourish. In today’s world, you can’t always see trouble coming. Sometimes an employee could branch out, creating a competitive business. Other times, it’s an online threat, leaving you with an invisible battle. Rather than pick up the pieces afterwards, take efforts now trying to prevent issues from occurring. The following three tips may improve your security measures.

Use IT Support

The internet is vast, with so many unknown users. In the midst of them are people who may try to hack your system, garnering employee and client records. This is troublesome for everyone since it exposes social security numbers and credit card data. While not always preventable, small business tech support services could assist in defending against these issues. Companies often offer a variety of services, including monitoring your systems and restoring it should anything occur. You’ll want to discuss several points, working with this agency on the following safety protocols:

  • Virus protection
  • Software Updates
  • Password Protocol
  • Cloud Services
  • Email Procedures

Remain in contact, seeking information to relay to your workers. It’s better to be in the know.

Secure Your Ideas

In the cutthroat business world, competitors can be eager to get a leg up on your concepts, both tangible and intangible. Don’t leave them vulnerable; instead, find ways to shelter them from others. Did you find something innovative for your industry? Perhaps you’ve created a twist on a piece of tech, making it more marketable. Immediately seek out trademarks, patents or copyrights. The sooner you label them as your own, the better. 

Hire a Good Lawyer

Chances are your specialty is not legal, so having counsel on retainer could be beneficial. Locate someone who has experience working in your field and understands tax, trade and employee laws. Before moving ahead with decisions or contracts, you should meet together to discuss expectations and necessary moves. Hopefully, you’ll use this service to be more proactive rather than reactive; however, if something should come up with a contested idea, a disgruntled employee or a hacked system, you have someone by your side to offer assistance. Don’t forget to include a non-compete clause. You want to minimize staff selling off ideas or using them to begin their own business. 

Computers can make life easier; however, they could also expose vital information. Enjoy the benefits, but also consider how you can guard records and ideas.

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