Apple has announced that its analytics platform for musicians known as “Apple Music for Artists”, is now out of its beta phase and available for all.

The platform is intended to help artists receive insights on how their music is performing on a platform across the world. Musicians can also sign up and claim their account on Apple’s dedicated site. “Apple Music for Artists” is available on both Web dashboard as well as on a new standalone iOS app.

Artists would be able to view basic demographics about their listeners like age, gender and cities where their songs are being played. Metric reviewing options like music video views, daily listeners and detailed information about playlists to which an artist’s songs have been added to and their positions on those playlists would also be available. However, because of Apple’s strict privacy policies, users cannot cross-reference two sets of data.

In addition to all of this, artists would be able to see their Shazam data that would include the top shazam’d cities and countries. For those of you whom are unfamiliar as to what Shazam actually is… Shazam, acquired by Apple, is an app that lets users identify songs playing near them.