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BBM News Launches in South Africa TODAY

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There’s something new in BBM “Discover” today. Creative Media Works, operating as BBM, today launches BBM News in Discover that brings global and local news from leading news providers into BBM.  The service, available to users worldwide brings global and local news and entertainment stories from leading news providers around the world into BBM.

Global and local news—Personalised

BBM News is a great source for news from around the globe: breaking, world, local, technology, sports, entertainment, business, and more. Accessible from the BBM Discover menu, this new service provides a personalized experience that “learns” which news stories are important to each user.  BBM News is a free service for all BBM users.

BBM News also includes the ability to share news with friends and family—making it easier for consumers to pass along interesting articles, and for content providers to take advantage of “dark social sharing,” which appears to be more effective than social advertising.

This new service will bring news to dozens of countries worldwide, including:

  • Africa: Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa
  • Americas: Canada, Colombia, Mexico, USA, Venezuela
  • Asia-Pacific: Australia, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore
  • Europe: EU countries, Norway, Switzerland and the UK
  • Middle East: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman,  Saudi Arabia, UAE

BBM News leverages the BBM Discover suite of APIs to enable a fully integrated and personalized experience. Working with leading discovery platform Outbrain to power the experience, the  news service is developed entirely in-house by BBM and integrated into the BBM Discover experience.

“As the pioneer in discovery, Outbrain is pushing further onto new platforms, beyond the traditional definition of Web publishers,” said Matt Crenshaw, Global Head of Distribution at Outbrain. “Being able to bridge the content and messaging worlds is extremely exciting for us, and allows us to drive industry-leading advancements with our technology. Our partnership with BBM gives us the opportunity to provide personalized content recommendations at scale, building on the tremendous user engagement and loyalty that BBM has fostered with tens of millions of loyal and active users.”

News consumption is shifting to mobile

BBM is one of the largest mobile messaging applications in the world. Since it was created in August 2005, BBM has evolved from a pure messaging application for communication (text and video) to a social ecosystem unifying chat, social, commerce and services including bill payment, top-up, vouchers/coupons, games, video, shopping, travels and polls.

“People around the world are increasingly using their mobiles to read news and share articles,” said Matthew Talbot, CEO of Creative Media Works, the company which operates and runs BBM globally. “Along with texting, calling, and email, reading news is one of the most popular things people do on their mobiles. This launch of global and local, curated news brings more of what people want to BBM in a tightly-integrated and compelling news experience.”

People around the world are increasingly using their mobile social media to read news and share articles with friends and family. According to the GlobalWebIndex Social Summary from Q4 2016, the top two reasons people use social media are to keep up with friends and news.

comScore study from December 2015 shows that news and information consumption habits are shifting from desktop to mobile in the US, with mobile now the more popular platform. Interestingly, long-form articles get more than twice the engaged time of short-form articles when people are reading on their mobiles, according to the Pew Research Center.

Just the latest improvement

BBM has beenworking to bring more of what people love to BBM, and will continue in the coming weeks! By partnering with content players,  BBM is integrating content, commerce, finance and other services to make BBM the most useful app on your mobile.

Take a look today. The more you visit, the better the personalization feature will be able to tailor a news experience.




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