Cell C has decided to take a slightly different approach to their Black Friday Sale by launching new data pricing for its prepaid and social media bundles.

This also features a re-introduction of its R17 WhatsApp data bundle. This WhatsApp bundle is 1GB and will be replacing the promotional R17 ShoutOut bundle.

Cell C will also be giving away additional Nite data on its 30-day prepaid bundles, only for bundles which starting at R80. 

Cell C will be offering daily bundles as well:

  • R17 (500MB)
  • R20 (1GB)

These new promotional data prices will begin on the 23rd of November 2018. However, there is no word as to when these promotional prices will end.

Below is the new pricing for Cell C’s 30-day prepaid data bundles.

PackagesAnytime DataNite DataPrice

Cell C will also be offering 50GB of mobile data for R500. You will be able to purchase a prepaid data SIM loaded with 50GB for R500. This deal will run until 25 November at Cell C stores and is subject to stock availability. This data will only be valid for 6 months from the day of activation.