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Changing the shape of access to finance

In the sprawling landscape of Africa, where health, economic well-being, and inequality are intertwined, access to financial services emerges as a transformative force. As the International Monetary Fund underscores, this access becomes the linchpin, enabling families to invest in futures, organisations to flourish, and the continent to construct a bridge between economic opportunity and tangible outcomes. Enter Yande Nomvete, Operations Manager Africa at Binance, who views cryptocurrency as a groundbreaking technology, capable of transcending borders with its transactional prowess.

“I devote my time to understanding the financial needs in different African countries and exploring how cryptocurrency can address those needs, always with the focus on enhancing access to finance for ordinary Africans,” she explains. “Traditional finance in Africa faces limitations, with a significant portion of the population unbanked and disconnected. Cryptocurrency, on the other hand, opens the gateway for Africans to harness mobile internet, gaining access to foreign currency and stablecoins such as USDT and USDC.”

In the realm of volatile local currencies, often subject to fluctuation and devaluation, investing in a digital form of the US dollar can significantly impact an individual’s financial profile. For Nomvete, extending this financial access across the continent is a personal calling, inspired by the potential of finance to reshape the African narrative. Her journey, from residing in an Italian village for eight years to navigating the growth of cryptocurrency platforms like Luno and Chipper Cash, reflects an unconventional path that led her to Binance, the forefront of blockchain and cryptocurrency infrastructure.

“Cryptocurrency has the power to change the world, a force that swiftly prompted my role transitions,” she affirms. “From Customer Success to a focus on technological enhancements, I moved to Chipper Cash and was captivated by the platform’s diversity, founded by two young African visionaries. It dawned on me that building solutions for people’s struggles was paramount, prompting my decision to join Binance.”

Nomvete’s pivotal role at Binance, marked by mentorship from a woman she deeply admires, echoes the endless possibilities for women in the industry. As she reflects on her journey, she emphasizes the importance of confidence, recognizing the inherent value women bring. For Nomvete, the future is about dispelling imposter syndrome and actively contributing to changing lives and the face of Africa. Whether transforming finance or asserting her leadership in the industry, she is on a mission to infuse crypto and confidence throughout the continent.

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