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Cooking tips and tricks brought to you by DEFY


THERMOFAN 101: Ever wondered how to use your ovens thermofan feature? Here’s how to get the best out of your oven for delicious home cooking!

When baking larger cakes, breads or loaves, the dough needs to be placed on two trays closest to the oven door, as the thermofan is based at the back of the oven and your baking requires an even temperature to ensure the best results, this is the reason why breads and loaves crack. Ensure your recipe caters for thermofan baking and if a convectional oven is required, the temperature may need to be reduced.

For the larger family you can roast 2 mouth-watering rotisserie chickens, simultaneously as the Thermofan will circulate hot air around each chicken individually, browning them to perfection.

The airflow in the thermofan oven allows you to lower the temperature of cooking, resulting in roasts being more succulent and baking resulting in a better texture.

The DEFY Gemini Gourmet Multifunction Double Oven (DBO 467), has the largest oven capacity, allowing you to cook a delicious a family feast, fit for a king.


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